Monday, August 29, 2005

Sharpton Ahead

Would YOU Pick up this Hitchhiker?

I'm sorry that this weeks funny story of the week features a man on his way from supporting Cindy Sheehan. Famously camera shy Al Sharpton ended up stranded on the side of the road after his driver was arrested for reportedly leading "sheriff's deputies on a nine- mile chase at speeds up to 110 mph."

"That nine-mile chase is news to me," Sharpton told The Associated Press. "All I know is that the police pulled us over because they wanted to talk to the driver about speeding."

Since cameras mounted on Police cars are the norm these days, I certainly hope Al gets hold of the tapes. If guilty, the driver certainly should have been allowed some slow-down time in the local jail. If a Bush loving good ole' boy Sheriff decided he needed to teach Al a lesson in "Democracy Spreading," then he should be stripped of his badge and tarred and feathered as afternoon entertainment at the Venue of Al's Choosing.

Al is quite the character, always up for some publicity or camera time, but I do believe his heart is in the right place. I remember Stuttering John on the Old OLD Howard Stern show catching Al off guard and hitting him with the zinger "Why do you always wear jogging suits when you appear not to jog?" Al good naturedly laughed it off, giving me some faith in the man.

I have a hard time dealing and trusting people who can't take a good joke.

The recent story gets humorous when it is revealed that the car was impounded when the driver was arrested leaving Al on the side of a Texas Highway, presumably hitchhiking to make his flight out of the land that time forgot.

Now I love Al, he amuses me and he seems to believe what he preaches, despite his carnival sideshow like delivery. But I don't know that I would pick the guy up if I saw him on the side of the road. I probably wouldn't believe it was really him, just some insane celebrity look a like. Why insane? You would have to be to look like Al or dress like Al.

But the good news is there is proof of intelligent life in Texas as some citizen did see him and pick him up and deliver him safely to the airport where he made it in time to catch his flight out.

The Moral of this story: A black man should know better than to drive through Texas.

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