Friday, August 19, 2005

Mixed Ticket

Could Hillary do What Kerry Couldn't

I'm not talking about winning the presidency, I'm talking about a bipartisan ticket with John McCain. This article deals with the environment, but let's face it, this president has declared war against the environment, and him retreating from this war on Mother Nature is about as likely as him pulling out of Iraq or admitting that nobody has any idea the REAL reason why we are even there. (pretty soon the list of things, people, places, and ideas Bush II has started wars with will be larger than the list of what he hasn't started wars with) So I will avoid the temptation to stress on environmental issues at this point.

But think about it. Hillary has her eye set on the big house, but some of my friends, and myself to some degree, don't believe she is ready for that position yet (nor is the public at large ready for a female executive). She has recently been swimming into moderate territory, so it seems very natural for her to have encountered John McCain there. McCain is as ready as anyone to launch his bid for the big chair, a few years as vice president could accustom Hillary, or more likely the public, of her in official power.

So what would happen if John McCain ran for president and asked Hillary to be vice? It isn't such an out there idea anymore considering THIS. (as an aside, the lead Kerry held over Bush at the time that story was written is amazing considering how the election turned out. What did Bush do so right or what did Kerry do so wrong to end up the way it did? Even the predicted Kerry Edwards ticket was destroying Bush at this time. It must just be a case of "My 527's can beat your 527's.")

But I can see a whole new frontier in elections with a McCain/Clinton ticket. Which party would finance the campaign? Which party would endorse the campaign? Who would the conservative talk show hosts talk shit about? What would happen at the convention? What would our ballot look like?

There are way more questions than answers, but the novelty alone would be worth supporting the formation of the "Dream Team" ticket. I tend not to daydream about this too much this early in the game, because they both have tremendous egos, so it would be hard to imagine either of them swallowing the bitter pill of vice presidency if either of these don't get their parties nomination.

But if it did happen, with McCain and Hillary on the same ticket, the line would finally be completely blurred between the mechanism that controls the highest office. Maybe at that point, a chance for a legitimate 3rd, 4th or maybe even more parties can enter our system. It is truly a win-win situation for everyone.


clyde said...

Hey hey...congrats on cutting the ribbon on your new blog. heh... Here's an article posted by Vox Day (the anti-feminist I described in my blog) that you might find amusing regarding Hillary Clinton being 'Andi McDowell-ed' into presidency.

You should definitely check out his other articles. The one I linked above doesnt really contain a lot of "original writing". If you thought I was articulate, this guy is at least ten times better and supports arguments sensibly, logically with facts. And even tops it off with his own touch of sarcasm and sense of humour..heh.

PS: Your oversized pictures seem to have thrown your sidebar all the way to the bottom of your blog...

Mulch said...

His line about the mullets and "Would she end up looking like a mustache-less Jeff Foxworthy wearing Paula Poundstone's clothes? " had my gut hurting right off the bat.

Good stuff, I will definatly read more.

And thanks for starting me off, if anyone besides you ever visits, I will have fun discussing the news and such with people. My offline friends don't care unless it has to do with American Idol or Queens of the Stone Age, so we'll see if I can interact with culture nuts like me.

And as far as the sidebar is concerned, it seems that way on all blogs regardless of whether pics are posted. I have been learning and now I have a routine, I use GIMP to scale the image, gifbot to optimize the size for those poor folks still on dial up, and Flickr to host. I accidently uploaded my profile pic in bmp format and used 11% of my monthly alotment in one swoop. I wont be doing that again.

And it is a sidebar, so, its to the side. I have 5 entries set for 1 page ATM, considering lowering it to 3, but I don't want to archive things too quickly because I'm not sure anyone of my limited traffic (I think you and curtis so far, lol) will bother to read past stuff.

But then I guess it's all good, I have yet to find my blog voice yet. TY for stopping by and the good cheer. Keep in touch and keep up the good work.


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