Thursday, December 25, 2008

God Bless Us... Every One

Mulch Radio

Episode #9

Mulch's Holiday Spectacular

Artwork by Augustus Bainbridge

Presented EXACTLY as it was 2 years ago.

Every 2 hours on Christmas Day, repeated for your convenience & enjoyment.

Even Hours, Pacific Time

2 AM, 4 AM, 6 AM, 8 AM, 10 AM, 12 PM, 2 PM, 4 PM, 6 PM, 8 PM, 10 PM

All Times Pacific

A Christmas Holiday Special with a Mulch Twist

Cuddle Up With Your Personal Yule Log!

Monday, December 22, 2008

Merry Winters Veil

Friday, December 12, 2008

Alan Colmes, We Hardly Knew Ya

Thursday, November 20, 2008

Turkey Shoot

Is it just me or is Maureen Dowd America's Hottest Republican Cougar?

Maybe even the world's hottest cougar!

Red Head and all... I want her!

Hey Maureen, if you are ever down in the Palm Springs, California area, look me up. I'm 33, a liberal independant, and a huge fan of your column... look me up next time you are around, I can show you a good time.

And yes, I can pass a background check ;)



Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Ow! My Head!

Tuesday, November 04, 2008

God Bless America...

EDIT: California, you are dead to me for voting for the bigotted, discrimination known as Proposition 8. California, you conscience should pain you right now.

Mulch Calls it for Barack Obama

To Barack Obama,
congratulations... if you lead as honorably and efficiently as you campaigned, you will be legendary. Good luck. Take a vacation and when you come back, we will be watching you. Please do not disappoint those of us who supported you.

To Mr McCain
You lost a decent amount of respect in the way you ran this campaign. It was obvious on many levels, your hesitence, your body language, your appearence of discomfort, that the tone was not your idea. Several time we saw the old, likeable John McCain... one of them being your defense of Mr. Obama coming from some of your supporters.

If you would have won the election, I would have been less likely to forgive you... but I forgive you and feel hopeful that you will still appreciate the respect that most of the country has for you. Including me. Your stock went down with your behavior. Now that we are past the danger zone, I can empathize and let it go. I look forward to your concession speech, where I expect to be reminded of all the reasons I grew to respect you in the first place. Thank you very much for your service, take a vacation, and relax and enjoy the rest of your life. You have made your mark and served amirably. Peace be with you

To Mrs. Palin
You will be a force to be reckoned with, down the line, should the Republican party survive this election cycle. Spend a couple years doing talking head stuff on the news networks to season yourself and get your real personality out there. HOST saturday night live (sooner, rather than later). To succeed without the baggage of the Republican Party, run as a libertatian in 2016. You can make history on 2 levels winning that way.

Major bonus props for your performances on the final weekends stump... I have fallen asleep with the news on and awoken to one of your firey speeches. Wow. You basically cut an old school wrestling promo on Obama... I would hate to be on your bad side... it is a powerful asset if controlled and only used for emphasis... not continusly. You are a future threat to the democratic party, and in a major way. I respect your "game" but fear your gamesmanship... I am sure we will meet again.

To the Republican Party,
Good riddance!

To the Democratic Party
You better not fuck up and you had better be miles fucking better than what we just had, or we will vote your asses out too.

EDIT: McCain's concession speech delivered. Thank you Mr. McCain, hats off to you... now if only we can get some of your more racist supporters to chill out.

Monday, November 03, 2008

And it's on... Mccain 6, Obama 15!

1st results of the election
Dixville Notch, New Hampshire
Nader... 0
McCain... 6
Obama... 15

Mulch Radio Episode #7: October Surprise

Its the show Lecktor Hannibal tried to have BANNED
off of a Second Life Radio Station!

It's election time, and I want your vote. I have been kissing hands and shaking babies this season just to bring a musical show that can only be broadcast every 2 years. The narrative that this campaign will broadcast, if you elect me, will have you dancing and thinking. 95% of the middle class will NOT get hurt, I don't think.

Set against the background of an escalating Iraqi war and the threat of a brand new US attack on Iran, Mulch Radio Episode #7: "October Surprise" captures a frustration at the direction of an empire on the attack.

The names will be changing on Tuesday, but the game of politics remains the same. Special thanks to Imaya/Kita Dawg for working closely on the artwork for this show that will take you in the trenches of a hard fought campaign for the right to rule the world... or at least get elected. This poster really ties into this show, originally aired for the 2006 mid-term elections, and as always, you can click the small artwork for a higher resolution image.

Exercise your right to choose and this election day, please vote for Mulch Maker. Cast your ballot with your mouse and click this Monday November 3rd, 2008 promptly at 7PM.

...or Perhaps you will want to share a toast with Mulch or drown your sorrows on election night. The Encore of Mulch Episode Episode#7: "October Surprise" will be on election night, November 4th, 2008 at 9PM. All times Pacific/west coast United States time.

To See the next time Mulch Radio Episode #7: "October Surprise" airs, Check Here and listen to what Lecktor Hannibal didn't want you to hear.

"I'm Mulch Maker and I approve this message"

Paid for by the Committee to Elect someone Who is NOT a Douchebag.

Friday, October 31, 2008

Mulch Radio Episode #6: HalloWeenie

Classic Mulch Radio Holiday Episode, Originally Aired October, 2006

To See the next time Mulch Radio Episode #6: "Halloweenie" airs, Check Here

Sunday, October 26, 2008

Lay Down, My Dear Brother, Lay Down & Take Your Rest

R.I.P. Merl Saunders

Thursday, October 23, 2008


Wednesday, October 15, 2008

November and More, as I Wait for the Score"

Saturday, October 11, 2008

Each passing day Seemed to Feed the Brazen Serpent Locked Inside

Friday, October 10, 2008

Punch You in the Eye!

Save Bullwinkle

Thursday, October 02, 2008

Welcome Back, Boys... I hope it's a Good Thing

I got an early birthday present very early this morning... Phish, back from the Dead... Hope to See You Guys in 2009... trust me, you have been missed... the void needs filling, and please, DON'T SCREW US WEST COASTERS! We need more than 1 night at each venue, badly, please remember us too!

I had no idea this was coming, and the rule always is "if you have the ticket, you will make the show" and the short time frame catches me at an akward time where I can't buy these (HEAVILY) sought after tickets.

Perhaps it wasn't meant to be for me, just like New Years 99/00, Coventry and the last Vegas run (none of which I could make). But its not like I have been deprived. I just miss the experience and can't wait to see a more mature crowd (hopefully) and a fully healed band doing what made them Phish.

Anyway, Welcome Back Boys!



ps bag it, tag it! sell it to the butcher in the store

pss i doubt this will be my last phish video post, bear with me... it has been too long since i saw them

Saturday, September 27, 2008

"Scare the Hell out of You"

Save the World!

Wednesday, September 24, 2008

V-Day, 09/24/2008

i'm not one for counting chickens before they hatch... but... i don't see how mccain can recover from this idiotic ploy... perhaps early, and not as a jynx, but gratz to Barack Obama. Unless you rape a white retarded baby on live TV, it's not likely the senile mccain will be our next prez.

If you are an ignorant American or from outside the US and don't understand what I am referring to.

Sunday, September 21, 2008


Give me back my broken night
my mirrored room, my secret life
it's lonely here,
there's no one left to torture
Give me absolute control
over every living soul
And lie beside me, baby,
that's an order!

Give me crack and anal sex
Take the only tree that's left
stuff it up the hole
in your culture
Give me back the Berlin wall
give me Stalin and St Paul
I've seen the future, brother:
it is murder.

Things are going to slide, slide in all directions
Won't be nothing
Nothing you can measure anymore
The blizzard, the blizzard of the world
has crossed the threshold
and it has overturned
the order of the soul
When they said "REPENT REPENT"
I wonder what they meant
When they said "REPENT REPENT"
I wonder what they meant
When they said "REPENT REPENT"
I wonder what they meant.

You don't know me from the wind
you never will, you never did

I was the little Jew
who wrote the Bible
I've seen the nations rise and fall
I've heard their stories, heard them all
but love's the only engine of survival

Your servant here, he has been told
to say it clear, to say it cold:
It's over, it ain't going
any further

And now the wheels of heaven stop
you feel the devil's RIDING crop
Get ready for the future:
it is murder!

Things are going to slide, slide in all directions
Won't be nothing
Nothing you can measure anymore
The blizzard, the blizzard of the world
has crossed the threshold
and it has overturned
the order of the soul
When they said "REPENT REPENT"
I wonder what they meant
When they said "REPENT REPENT"
I wonder what they meant
When they said "REPENT REPENT"
I wonder what they meant.

There'll be the breaking of the ancient
western code
Your private life will suddenly explode
There'll be phantoms
There'll be fires on the road
and a white man dancing
You'll see a woman
hanging upside down
her features covered by her fallen gown
and all the lousy little poets
coming round
tryin' to sound like Charlie Manson
and the white man dancin'.

Give me back the Berlin wall
Give me Stalin and St Paul
Give me Christ
or give me Hiroshima
Destroy another fetus now
We don't like children anyhow
I've seen the future, baby:
it is murder.

Things are going to slide, slide in all directions
Won't be nothing
Nothing you can measure anymore
The blizzard, the blizzard of the world
has crossed the threshold
and it has overturned
the order of the soul
When they said "REPENT REPENT"
I wonder what they meant
When they said "REPENT REPENT"
I wonder what they meant
When they said ""REPENT REPENT"
I wonder what they meant.

When they said "REPENT REPENT "

Monday, September 15, 2008

Shine On (R.I.P. Rick Wright)

Founding Member of Pink Floyd, Richard Wright, passed away.

Friday, August 29, 2008

Mr. Mulch's Happy Funhouse!

Hey Boys and Girls, welcome to Mr. Mulch's Happy Funhouse!

Today we are going to work on the alphabet, and perhaps learn a thing or two about civics, law enforcement, and geography while we are at it.

So Todays episode of Mr. Mulch's Happy Funhouse is dedicated to:

Teaching Someone a Lesson!

So, if there are no further questions, let us get on with the show.

We will start at the alpha, as in the Letter A!

The letter A starts words such as




Another Great letter is the Letter C!

The letter C starts words such as





One of my favorite letters, is the Letter I!

The letter I starts words such as





We learned a lot today, boys and girls, but now, we are going to combine them all and use them in a sentence on todays Super Fun Phrase!

Are you ready?

Are you sure?

Alright, here is todays Super Fun Phrase!

I took an airplane to Australia and when I got there, Interpol and Customs decided to investigate and incarcerate me because they heard I had a condom filled with contraband stuffed up my ass!

Boys and Girls, You Have Been a Wonderful Audience, Sleep Tight Kid and Bon Voyage!

Let's Finish up todays episode of Mr. Mulch's Happy Funhouse by singing a special song!

Thursday, August 28, 2008




I am sad to report, the baby has died

Monday, August 25, 2008


example of propaganda disguised as a "News Article" for those who arent fools

i dont endorse "recreate 68" nor do i think the concept is a good idea

2 camera views give a good picture

did they use thier collective "freedom of speech" to tell fox news that their objective was understood and that fox news had 0 credentials as a "news source"

perhaps letting them know they have more in common with the PR firm of a shady LLC out of delaware doing bizness out of banks in the cayman islands than with the word "journalist" didnt register as "freedom of speech"

as in supply and demand

as in "let the marketplace determine the value of something"

but they (fox news) decided to "spin" it and 1000 people calling the kings personal little whore, fox news, bullshit seems to be lost on the 2 EMPLOYEES of fox news, who then, incredibly, question the marchers belief in "freedom of speech"

the fox news jackasses showed that they werent there to cover the news, they were there to "represent" the same corporate, government spin that they were HIRED to BROADCAST

just ask Scott McClellan, if you didnt get todays "talking points"

seriously, who is stupid enough to fall for the /Bullshit/ from the QUOTE UNQUOTE FOX "news" channel?

The dipshit FOX news reporter tries to get assaulted at another location.

Saturday, August 23, 2008

2 All Mah Bitches

Thursday, August 21, 2008

Life is Short and Sweet for Certain...

Ohhh Yeah!

Tuesday, August 19, 2008

When I say Hilshire, You Say Farms!

hey chief, whats happenin?
thats some serious meat yer stackin!
listen up! freeze, call the press!
new hearty slices must confess!
just as i suspected, high grade stuff!
once ya start eatin it, ya cant get enuff!
hearty slices all the tiiiime!
sliced so thick that its a crime!
hey lets let chief eat his meeeaaatt!
nice pork cased closed! back to the beat!

Wednesday, August 06, 2008

The Brain is the Largest Sex Organ

Unconventional Erotica

Monday, August 04, 2008

Murder on the Orient Express



Friday, August 01, 2008

A Lovely View of Heaven...

Wednesday, July 09, 2008


Sunday, July 06, 2008

For Jennifer, Initiated at High Sierra into the Family <3

Saturday, July 05, 2008

PCP is Bad Dope

Wednesday, July 02, 2008

So This is Where the U.S. Learned Their Secret "Alternative" Interrogation Methods.

The military trainers who came to Guantánamo Bay in December 2002 based an entire interrogation class on a chart showing the effects of "coercive management techniques" for possible use on prisoners, including "sleep deprivation," "prolonged constraint," and "exposure."

What the trainers did not say, and may not have known, was that their chart had been copied verbatim from a 1957 Air Force study of Chinese Communist techniques used during the Korean War to obtain confessions, many of them false, from American prisoners.

The recycled chart is the latest and most vivid evidence of the way Communist interrogation methods that the United States long described as torture became the basis for interrogations both by the military at the base at Guantánamo Bay, Cuba, and by the Central Intelligence Agency.


Senator Carl Levin, Democrat of Michigan and chairman of the Senate Armed Services Committee, said after reviewing the 1957 article that "every American would be shocked" by the origin of the training document.

"What makes this document doubly stunning is that these were techniques to get false confessions," Levin said. "People say we need intelligence, and we do. But we don't need false intelligence."


Biderman's 1957 article described "one form of torture" used by the Chinese as forcing American prisoners to stand "for exceedingly long periods," sometimes in conditions of "extreme cold." Such passive methods, he wrote, were more common than outright physical violence. Prolonged standing and exposure to cold have both been used by American military and CIA interrogators against terrorist suspects.

The chart also listed other techniques used by the Chinese, including "Semi-Starvation," "Exploitation of Wounds," and "Filthy, Infested Surroundings," and with their effects: "Makes Victim Dependent on Interrogator," "Weakens Mental and Physical Ability to Resist," and "Reduces Prisoner to 'Animal Level' Concerns."

The only change made in the chart presented at Guantánamo was to drop its original title: "Communist Coercive Methods for Eliciting Individual Compliance."

In other news, A federal appeals court reviewing evidence at Guantanamo Bay compared a Bush administration legal argument to one made by a hapless, dimwitted character in a 19th century nonsense poem by Lewis Carroll.


The three-member court, which was made up of two Republican judges and one Democrat, was particularly pointed in its criticism of the argument that evidence is reliable because it appears on multiple documents.

“The government insists that the statements made in the documents are reliable because the State and Defense Departments would not have put them in intelligence documents were that not the case,” the court wrote. “This comes perilously close to suggesting that whatever the government says must be treated as true.”

The judges compared the argument to the logic in Carroll’s nonsense poem, in which a hapless crew hunts for a creature that is never quite defined. The Bellman, the ship’s leader, led his men across the ocean, guided by a map that was just a blank piece of paper. He rallied and reassured his crew simply by repeating himself.

“I have said it thrice: What I tell you three times is true,” the Bellman says in the poem.

“Lewis Carroll notwithstanding, the fact that the government has ’said it thrice’ does not make an allegation true,” the court wrote.

Saturday, June 28, 2008

Don't Look

Thursday, June 26, 2008

Flush Bush

Excerpt below:

Reagan has his highways. Lincoln has his memorial. Washington has the capital, and a state, too. But President George W. Bush may soon be the sole president to have a memorial named after him that you can contribute to from the bathroom.

From the Department of Damned-With-Faint-Praise, a group going by the regal-sounding name of the Presidential Memorial Commission of San Francisco is planning to ask voters here to change the name of a prize-winning water-treatment plant on the shoreline to the George W. Bush Sewage Plant.

Sunday, June 22, 2008

Obscene Obituary

Friday, June 20, 2008

Where's the Beef?

he said angus


Sunday, June 15, 2008

Happy Fathers Day

Friday, June 13, 2008

A Voice, Gone... A Eulogy from Mulch to Mr Tim Russert

Tim Russert passed away today.

In the United states and International politics and journalism, many people know him, and at least as many people do not know him.

Either way, he was, in my opinion, the strongest voice of what the United States refers to as a "free press" as being necessary to maintain the union.

He asked the tough questions, he got to the bottom of things... when you faced off with Tim Russert, you knew you were facing your own documentd past, your well cited words, and your proven actions, and not just meaningless partisan spin and speculation. Spin was never allowed as meticulously researched quotes, verifiable votes, unimpeachable sourcing set Mr. Russert apart from what many call "pundits", commentators and "talking heads" of what passes as "journalism" these TMZ, tabloid inspired, sound byte enhanced "fair and balanced" days.

Meticulous in his research, his personability, likability, and his neutrality when asking the tough questions that make those in power squirm even made his detractors respect his command of the facts, ironclad sourcing, and his well researched to-the-point questions.

There were records as well, such as the longest running host on the longest running TV show of all time, but that truly doesn't do justice to what Tim Russert did and Meant to the political landscape...

He was the Jerry Garcia of Journalism in an analogy I would make, and those of you who know me understand what that kind of compliment means, and today is a great loss, not just to TV, nor to journalism, but to freedom.

What he did was protect and ensure it... what has been lost today cannot yet be measured in terms of quality, as well as ensuring accountability to those who make decisions that affect us all. We lost a strong force in "good" today, essential to the process the United States was formed under.

I do have to thank you, Mr. Russert... you have no equal in what you did, how you did it, and as consistently as you did it.

But I will mourn you... I didn't know you as a person, and perhaps I might not have liked you at all had I known you. Perhaps you would have been my best friend... I am under no hallucinations as to even, before this very moment, contemplating having a beer with you, much less calling you "friend"... on a personal level at least.

But you will be missed, by me, by television, by politics, by journalism, and by the very freedom we base our concept of the United States on.

I hope the great admiration, respect, and sorrow of your loss on a non personal level is not understated.

If you were half the person in your personal life as you were to the United States as an unofficial "check and balance" on the bloated, lying, stealing, manipulative US government, you were a very good man.

Thank you for your contribution, and you will be truly missed by someone you never even contemplated existing. Your role in history may end up being understated, but your contributions will hopefully live on to inspire and will be appreciated by those who understood what you did for truth, freedom, democracy, and the foundation the United States was founded on. You will be truly be missed, on a personal level, I am sure, by your family, but also, not the least bit overstated, by the citizens of the United States of America, even if they didn't realize what you did or even who you were or why you have been so important.

Rest in Peace, Mr. Russert.

Rest in Peace, Mr. Tim Russert =(

Sunday, June 08, 2008

Visions of Obama

Just a quick note to say that, along with the surviving members of the Grateful Dead, Bob Dylan has done something he has rarely done, endorsed a presidential candidate, Barack Obama.

Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Gustation Hallucinogen

Many psychedelics send many of our senses into other places...

Ever wanted to send you sense of taste to the outer reaches of inner space?

Perhaps you can:

Buy some now to see what all the fuss is about, or perhaps partake in a trendy "Flavor Trip"!

I have yet to try this intruiging fruit, but please let me know your thoughts if you have...

and enjoy!

Thursday, May 01, 2008

Thank You Dr. Hoffman... Rest in Peace

Monday, February 18, 2008

Mulch Radio Episode #1: "The Many Musical Moods of Mulch Maker"

Back where it all began, Episode #1, remastered and reissued with a little bit of added bonus materials and a brand new poster from Jennifer. We have grown a lot since this aired, but I didn't want to tamper with the music, so the musical selections are the same, however some bonus banter has been added to enhance the experience.

Episode #1 was originally supposed to be a 1 off musical adventure commemorating the closing of the Official Second Life forums, and was played at a social event at Lyrasilver (Sansarya Caligari) and Wakinyan's (Phoenix Psaltery) place in Second Life that was attended by many notable names... perhaps one day the chat logs from that night will be posted...

Episode #1 also marks the first name ever dropped on Mulch Radio, anyone remember who that was?

Since this originally aired, Mulch Radio has grown and evolved, but join us and remember the sounds of that time, or experience them for the first time.

To See the next time Mulch Radio Episode #1: "The Many Musical Moods of Mulch Maker" airs, Check Here

Mike Trash: Kissing Hands and Shaking Babies!

Mulch Radio Host Mike Trash is running for "Best DJ" in the Best of the Valley Awards for the second year in a row.

Mike Trash needs your vote to help do it!

To vote for Mike Trash for DJ of the Year, go to, click on the "Radio Personality" Link in the Entertainment Category, and vote for Mike Trash!

It's Easy, takes about 15 seconds and you don't need to register or anything. Help Mike out for all the Joy He has Shared with us here on Mulch Radio.

Please Vote for Mike Trash as Radio Personality of the Year.

Mulch Radio Would also like to endorse Karen Devine as TV Personality of the Year... Please Vote for Her as well.

Saturday, February 09, 2008

Mulch Radio Etiquette Volume 1

Some people wonder what the proper Etiquette is when listening to Mulch Radio...

Here is a handy reference guide to experiencing Mulch Radio the way it was meant to be be experienced!

The Five Commandments of Mulch Radio

  • Mulch Radio is Meant to be a Movie for Your Ears... For Best Results, Thou Shalt Minimize Audio or Mental Disruptions During a Broadcast of Mulch Radio
  • The use of Psychedelics, including LSD, Marijuana, Mushrooms, and/or Peyote is encouraged!
  • Thou Shalt Make Every Effort to Tune in And Enjoy Mulch Radio On-Time from Start to Finish, as it is meant to be Listened to in its Entirety.
  • Thou Shalt Not Post YouTube or similar links during the Mulch Radio Show or Otherwise Distract Listeners from the Groove.
  • The Use of Leather Pants without prior Written Permission during or before Enjoying Mulch Radio is Strictly Prohibited. The use of Leather Pants, after Mulch Radio, is unclassified at the current time and may be done without restriction.

Hint... Mulch Radio Broadcasts at many different frequencies at the same time... are you perceptive enough to receive them all?

What is Mulch Radio?

Tuesday, February 05, 2008

Mulch Radio Episode #14: "Mulch Strikes Back"

names will be named...

Poster by Jennifer

Special Guest Stars (in alphabetical order)
Cat Cotton/Martin Magpie
Freya Junot
Imaya/Kita Dog
Mike Trash (as usual, the best radio host ever)
Ruby Tuesday
Sally Rosebud
Sansarya Caligari
Vivi Odetts
& More!


Smoke 'em if you gots 'em... It's Art about the Music...

Mulch Trivia... Mulch Radio Episode #13, due to it resolving the storyline cliffhanger initiated in Mulch Radio Episode #12, was nearly completed in March of 2007... only the voice overs were recent.

Mulch Radio Episode #14 was started and finished within the last month... meaning that events, themes, and concepts examined are quite current... quite current indeed... enjoy the show, you just might hear yourself by name.



T' sit with elders of the gentle race
This world has seldom seen
Th' talk of days for which they sit and wait
All will be revealed

Talk and song from tongues of lilting grace
Whose sounds caress my ear
But not a word I heard could I relate
The story was quite clear

To See the next time Mulch Radio Episode #14: "Mulch Strikes Back" airs, Check Here

Friday, February 01, 2008

Mini Mulch-a-Thon

Mini Marathon of Mulch Episodes #10-#13

NOTICE: Due to technical difficulties, the Mini Mulch-a-Thon did not air as scheduled. It has been rescheduled to Sunday, February 3rd, 2008. I am very sorry for any inconvenience.

Starts 7AM California Time, Sunday, February 3rd, 2008

Mulch Radio Episode #10 "Countdown" - Sunday, February 3rd, 2008... 7 AM
Mulch Radio Episode #11 "Mulchiest Show at Night"- Sunday, February 3rd, 2008... 9 AM
Mulch Radio Episode #12 "Who Shot Mulch?" - Sunday, February 3rd, 2008... 11 AM
Mulch Radio Episode #13 "Mulch Goes to Hell" - Sunday, February 3rd, 2008... 1 PM

Mulch Trivia: The Very 1st song on Mulch Radio #1 was "Hell in a Bucket" by the Grateful Dead

Special Thanks to Imaya/Kita Dawg and Augustus Bainbridge for the posters, Mike Trash for the voice work, and my guild, Lightninghoof's Feted Inner Horde, who really helped me in ways no one will ever know. You guys Rock, and I am glad to be a part of it with ya. Thank you all, for various reasons I TRULY couldnt have done it without you.

Mulch Radio Episode #13: "Mulch Goes to Hell"

The Day of Reckoning has Arrived

Season Premiere. Poster by Imaya/Kita Dawg

Hosted by and Starring Mike Trash as Mulch.
Also Starring Mulch as the Devil.

To See the next time Mulch Radio Episode #13: "Mulch Goes to Hell" airs, Check Here

Thursday, January 31, 2008

Mulch Radio Episode #12: "Who Shot Mulch?"

more to come...

Poster by Augustus Bainbridge, this is THE episode of Mulch Radio, the Season One Epic Cliffhanger... "Who Shot Mulch?"

Inspired by what was to come and 80s TV soap operas, the themes from episode #10 and 11 become crystal clear. Season #2 is about to begin and pick up the story with Episode #13, "Mulch Goes to Hell."

What led up to this strange turn of events?

Find out when with a classic show from Mulch Radio Season#1, Episode #12, "who Shot Mulch?"

A personal favorite episode of the author

To See the next time Mulch Radio Episode #10: "Countdown" airs, Check Here

Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Mulch Radio Episode #11: The Mulchiest Show at Night

While not the catchiest name of the series, this episode served as a bridge over the precipice. No poster was made for this show as the emotions and feeling that were desired did not translate well in the visual realm, however the Image seen above created by Imaya/Kita Dawg sums up a portion of the theme.

Midnight is a fairly obvious metaphor... as is the circus aspect. The chilling ending mostly written by Geoffrey Chaucer, leaves little doubt what was about to come, both for the victim, and the perpetrators. Despite the themes, the show is a somewhat mellow affair with some room for laughter. Only the undercurrent is intense.

To See the next time Mulch Radio Episode #10: "Countdown" airs, Check Here

Enjoy the Show...

Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Mulch Radio Episode #10: Countdown

Mulch Radio Episode #10 was entitled countdown, as it foreshadowed what was to come and set the process into motion...

Episode 10 marked a change for Mulch Radio in a number of ways... It was the 1st Mulch Radio done alongside other episodes..., 11, 12, and 13. It was the 2nd Poster done by Augustus Bainbridge of Second Life.

The "storyline" introduced in episode 10 is somewhat abstractly melded into themes from eps #11 and #12, although there is no storyline connection.

The theme of the "Countdown" signified many things that would happen in the future... all of the clues were there, were you paying attention the 1st broadcast. The reason for debuting Season 2 of Mulch Radio with the tail end of Season 1, is to allow observation of why things happened the way they happened and how long before these events were foretold.

As usual, the episode stands well on its own, with its own meta-theme, if you will. The themes of 10-12 compliment each other and explain an over arcing story that will conclude with the debut of episode #13. Episode #13 of Mulch Radio, "Mulch Goes to Hell," adds a dose of finality to the adventure that began on episode #10, "Countdown."

To See the next time Mulch Radio Episode #10: "Countdown" airs, Check here!

Enjoy the show...

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