Monday, August 25, 2008


example of propaganda disguised as a "News Article" for those who arent fools

i dont endorse "recreate 68" nor do i think the concept is a good idea

2 camera views give a good picture

did they use thier collective "freedom of speech" to tell fox news that their objective was understood and that fox news had 0 credentials as a "news source"

perhaps letting them know they have more in common with the PR firm of a shady LLC out of delaware doing bizness out of banks in the cayman islands than with the word "journalist" didnt register as "freedom of speech"

as in supply and demand

as in "let the marketplace determine the value of something"

but they (fox news) decided to "spin" it and 1000 people calling the kings personal little whore, fox news, bullshit seems to be lost on the 2 EMPLOYEES of fox news, who then, incredibly, question the marchers belief in "freedom of speech"

the fox news jackasses showed that they werent there to cover the news, they were there to "represent" the same corporate, government spin that they were HIRED to BROADCAST

just ask Scott McClellan, if you didnt get todays "talking points"

seriously, who is stupid enough to fall for the /Bullshit/ from the QUOTE UNQUOTE FOX "news" channel?

The dipshit FOX news reporter tries to get assaulted at another location.



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