Monday, March 30, 2009

Biting the Tongue that Pays You


Tuesday, March 24, 2009

This is red rocks, this is the edge!

Today I won the lottery. Not the money lottery... THE lottery.

Imaya and I will be going to the little town of Morrison, Colorado on July 30th and be there through August 2nd. We will be attending all 4 shows where Phish returns to Red Rocks for the 1st time since 1996 when they received a 10 year ban. I was there for all 4 nights in 1996.

This will be my 5th - 8th time seeing Phish at Red Rocks. This will be my 5th through 8th time at Red Rocks.

This will be Imaya's 3rd - 6th shows, following Friday and Sunday of Hampton as her 1st, as well as her 1st time at Red Rocks.

We are very lucky as we received our 4 nights in the 9,000 seat venue carved from rock via very limited presale.

I expect Phish will once again be banned from Red Rocks... unless Morrison understands and profits from the experience... in a bad economy, tiny little Morrison, Colorado just discovered itself in the center of a 4 day gold rush...

But it is going to be one hell of a time... People in Morrison, please prepare... if you think ahead you can make A LOT of money.

Look at how much money Maine made when phish played 2 night festivals... this is 4 nights... you can make SERIOUS cash and make people happy in the process.

Congratz to those who also won the lottery today, and good luck to those going for some of those seats left over for onsale.

If we continue to have the good fortune that this year has blessed us with, we will then hit Shoreline Amphitheatre in Mountain View, CA on August 5th, 2009 and then on to The Gorge in George, WA on August 7th and 8th... if we are really fortunate, we will hit Chicago, New York and Beyond.

Yes, Mulch and Imaya are trying to go on tour... check back to see if we will be in a town near you...

If you are in Morrison, Colorado and want to prepare for what is coming and profit from it, perhaps read THIS and THIS.

Friday, March 13, 2009

Welcome, This is our Farmhouse...

Mulch & Imaya in Front of the Box Sculpture at the Mothership

enjoy the parking lot scene with the 3 linked videos, click the pix and title to see them

Thursday, March 12, 2009

Mulch Amnesty Week

Due to the incredible good vibes I was treated to for my 34th birthday (and accompanying days) on my trip to Hampton, VA to see Phish return, I am offering Amnesty to anyone who has wronged me. You do not need to apologize or explain yourself... you are forgiven.

What you do need to do is contact me. I'm not hard to find. You have one week starting today, Thursday March 12th, 2009. On Friday March 20th, the Amnesty ends. The door is open, will you pass through?

(if you know someone who should read this post, please forward it to them)

Also, those of you who have lost contact with me on good terms... get in touch, I miss you <3

EDIT: it occurs to me that I have potentially wronged people as well... if you feel that i have wronged you... please also get in touch if resolution is what you seek. it will be more difficult a process than the amnesty i am offering, as you may not be ready to forgive me and we may have to discuss events... but if i GENUINELY wronged you, i seek forgiveness from you if you are graceful enough to give it... the same deadline as the Mulch Amnesty is in place, so if there is room in your heart, there is room in mine if i am welcome

EDIT #2:If you are unsure if we are on good or bad terms and want to get in touch with me either way... take advantage of this, because, as to me, it's all water under the bridge

PS Very Soon, Mulch Radio will begin broadcasting the entire 3 night run of the Phish shows from Hampton. The Band has generously given away, free, soundboard 256k mp3 recordings of the entire 3 shows. You can try to get them at, but they are only free for a limited time. In gratitude for the recordings, Mulch Radio will be streaming all 3 shows in order, in their entirety, for a few days. Make sure you sign up for the Mulch Radio newsletter (on the right side of this page) to be notified when the streaming starts.

I will also prolly make a lengthy journal type entry of the events of the last week... I am still putting things back together and I need a little perspective to sort it all out, but I do want to share my experience with anyone who wants to read it. While I will review the shows a bit, the band came through in a HUGE way so I most likely will not nit pick their performance... they were Phish and they were back and these shows were spectacular... I have been seeing Phish for 15 years and I haven't seen a show like this since 1996. So expect a play by play more of my journey as opposed to Phish's music (although they were indeed the reason we were all there and it was the perfect accompaniment to a perfect weekend).

God Bless & Namaste

Saturday, March 07, 2009

The Boys ARE Back

Cast your worries aside. Mulch reporting from Hampton Virginia... Phish is BACK. Prime, happy and hungry, Phish blew everyone away and exceeded all expectations with an epic, and I mean EPIC return. Enjoy some first looks.

Tuesday, March 03, 2009

Goin' Phishing

Yes, Gone Phishin'

Spending my birthday with the boys.

Virginia, watch out cuz Mulch is on his way.

See you all in Hampton!


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