Thursday, March 12, 2009

Mulch Amnesty Week

Due to the incredible good vibes I was treated to for my 34th birthday (and accompanying days) on my trip to Hampton, VA to see Phish return, I am offering Amnesty to anyone who has wronged me. You do not need to apologize or explain yourself... you are forgiven.

What you do need to do is contact me. I'm not hard to find. You have one week starting today, Thursday March 12th, 2009. On Friday March 20th, the Amnesty ends. The door is open, will you pass through?

(if you know someone who should read this post, please forward it to them)

Also, those of you who have lost contact with me on good terms... get in touch, I miss you <3

EDIT: it occurs to me that I have potentially wronged people as well... if you feel that i have wronged you... please also get in touch if resolution is what you seek. it will be more difficult a process than the amnesty i am offering, as you may not be ready to forgive me and we may have to discuss events... but if i GENUINELY wronged you, i seek forgiveness from you if you are graceful enough to give it... the same deadline as the Mulch Amnesty is in place, so if there is room in your heart, there is room in mine if i am welcome

EDIT #2:If you are unsure if we are on good or bad terms and want to get in touch with me either way... take advantage of this, because, as to me, it's all water under the bridge

PS Very Soon, Mulch Radio will begin broadcasting the entire 3 night run of the Phish shows from Hampton. The Band has generously given away, free, soundboard 256k mp3 recordings of the entire 3 shows. You can try to get them at, but they are only free for a limited time. In gratitude for the recordings, Mulch Radio will be streaming all 3 shows in order, in their entirety, for a few days. Make sure you sign up for the Mulch Radio newsletter (on the right side of this page) to be notified when the streaming starts.

I will also prolly make a lengthy journal type entry of the events of the last week... I am still putting things back together and I need a little perspective to sort it all out, but I do want to share my experience with anyone who wants to read it. While I will review the shows a bit, the band came through in a HUGE way so I most likely will not nit pick their performance... they were Phish and they were back and these shows were spectacular... I have been seeing Phish for 15 years and I haven't seen a show like this since 1996. So expect a play by play more of my journey as opposed to Phish's music (although they were indeed the reason we were all there and it was the perfect accompaniment to a perfect weekend).

God Bless & Namaste


Sans said...

Wow! Glad you had a good time :)

<3 Sans

Phoenix Psaltery said...

Glad to hear you enjoyed yourself, and happy birthday.

I don't think I'm on your shit list (any more), but just in case, amnesty happily accepted. :)


IsaDaft Trollop said...

Mulch! <3

Happy belated birthday.

fj said...

Happy Late Birthday! <3 glad you guys had a good time! :)

Mulch said...

Thank you Sans!

P2, you are always on my shitlist... but i still <3 ya

Isa, big /hugs

Freya, miss you babe, keep in touch.

Thank you all for the wonderful greetings and birthday wishes

much much <3



Anonymous said...

Happy Belated Birthday and Fuck You, too.


Kristian said...

Happy Birthday, Mon Frere

Mulch said...

Thank You Io, Im glad you got my message ;)

Kristian, unexpected surprise to hear from you, thank you for the kind birthday wishes... did I run into you in hampton perhaps? if not, maybe red rocks?

Hope all is well with everyone who has gotten in touch with me both publicly and privately. Thank you for visiting =D

Lecktor Hannibal said...

Hope you had a good one Mulch! Sounds like you had a lot of fun.

Mulch said...

Thank You Leck!

Hope all is well with you, too...

Say... did you know email works both ways?

<3 ya

Kristian said...

Naw, I've been working on getting myself settled in here in Wisconsin and haven't been out to do much of anything anywhere. Glad to see you got to go though, you were one of the 2 people I thought of when I was downloading off LP.

Mulch said...

I believe you have some shows coming your way... id find a way to be there if i was you... its good to find time to get away and play... and phish, as i am sure you can tell by the tapes from last weekend, are VERY playful indeed =D

NOTHING like that post hiatus nonsense, this was pure 94-96 phish

both myself and imaya were there, so it very well could have been one of us you were thinking of... if its any consolation, sunday 1st set i lost my mind just a couple of times; that show was the extra special gooey show... and yes, phish can still pull off a special gooey show... and set one sunday, did you hear that fucking foam? ive never danced so hard in my life...

check some of my other recent posts for some lot videos and youtube has shitloads of cellphone clips, the light show defied reality (and ive seen pink floyd)...

and i hope to make a long post to summerize our adventures during that week, starting with disco bisquits, ending with steve kimock and melvin seals at 4:20 AM monday morning

good hearing from you... good luck in wisconsin, i used to go to the dells when i was real young... and im glad you have a job... things are getting tough for so many

you got my email, keep in touch brother

if you are hitting any shows, let me know... perhaps we can break bread in the show or on the lot


ursula said...

Happy Birthday, Mulch!

Anonymous said...

Belated happies, kind sir. (And, the opening of the door to "amnesty" may just prove to be viral and inspire others ;-) ) Luvs ya.


Mulch said...

thank you ursula, <3 ya!

and thank you as well ms loquaz!

and i was inspired so it would be an honor to inspire others

much <3


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