Tuesday, December 13, 2005

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Caregivers Safely Providing Legal Medicine

A person close to me recently was recommended Whole Cannabis by her physician. Thanks to the law allowing doctors to recommend medicinal Cannabis in California in 1996 via the Compassionate Use Act (CUA), and then again in 2004 a new law was added (SB 420)to make sure California Law Enforcement understood that they were indeed required to enforce the law, and allow patients with physician recommendations to keep their medicine, she may now posses and use medicinal cannabis in California.

See, the CHP and Sheriffs and Local Law Enforcement continued to confiscate (and destroy) legally obtained medicine. SB 420 changed that, and now some counties will be issuing photo ID cards.

This is a fascinating time in California right now, and visit (and support) Americans for Safe Access to see the law, examine how it was designed, and examine how the cannabis activists are actually on the offensive for providing and using safe medicinal cannabis. But suffice to say, 9 years after we passed the law we the people of California have the right to posses a certain amount of medicinal cannabis.

Now I have indulged recreationally before, and have self medicated without proper doctors paperwork on my own, but I was unprepared when my loved one asked me to be her caregiver.

Being a caregiver means I am legally entitled to procure amounts for her to use to medicate with. Now I am not allowed myself to medicate with the cannabis, but I can posses it while I am being a caregiver to my loved one.

Now I don't know about grades of medicinal cannabis, so I really wouldn't have known to look if not for the 2 Cannabis Clubs located nearby. So I went to Caregiver club (they are also her caregiver, so they can posses herb to provide for her) and produced my caregiver paperwork. My ID was taken and they made me a little card to hand the officer stating I am a caregiver and it would be illegal for a law enforcement officer to confiscate the medicine.

They also handed me a small card that had all the basics of knowing your rights and what to say and when. This is worth reading by all people, especially in this security culture, so as true patriots, you keep your eye on the prize. The Constitution and the Bill of Rights.

The brightly lit office was not what I was expecting. But after they checked my ID and paperwork and verified from the physician, I was buzzed inside.

The smell was overpowering. I hadn't seen anything like this since Reggae on the River. Damn!!! Packed jars of dank sinse nug... a variety of hash, kief, butter, sodas, and jars of herb. 13 varieties. All neatly labeled on the board with a suggested donation per gram or 1/8. (all Co-Operative clubs such as this are non profit and exist primarily from donations)

I had no idea what to get for her, so I asked the helpful sales clerk, mid 20's, pierces, tattoos. They were all very helpful and advised which cannabis would be used for what indications. Like the indica was a body high and the sativa was the uppity high. He said he had just medicated on the purple skunk.

Yes, Ok, Purple Skunk, OC Kush, Pot o Gold, A gram of Kief, a gram of hash, and throw in 2 grams of Afhgoo.

A bottle caught my eye. "What is that?" I asked

"Olive Oil," he said. I asked how it was and he asked if I had "ever medicated by eating cannabis."

We both enjoyed a good laugh and he said he medicated his dinner with it last night. I asked dosage, guessing a teaspoon. He advised "Sure, but you might want to double it up, you know."

I thought to myself "It is nice that medicinal cannabis is available to those who need it now," as my attendant sealed all the bags, labeled them by name (including effects), and I was on my way.

A few days later, I brought the rest of the medicine to my loved one. Geez, I forgot. Anyway, what was I saying?

Oh Yeah, Support Medicinal Cannabis, join the fight through Americans for Safe Access. I may talk more about laws at a later time, but right now I am starving...


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