Thursday, January 31, 2008

Mulch Radio Episode #12: "Who Shot Mulch?"

more to come...

Poster by Augustus Bainbridge, this is THE episode of Mulch Radio, the Season One Epic Cliffhanger... "Who Shot Mulch?"

Inspired by what was to come and 80s TV soap operas, the themes from episode #10 and 11 become crystal clear. Season #2 is about to begin and pick up the story with Episode #13, "Mulch Goes to Hell."

What led up to this strange turn of events?

Find out when with a classic show from Mulch Radio Season#1, Episode #12, "who Shot Mulch?"

A personal favorite episode of the author

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Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Mulch Radio Episode #11: The Mulchiest Show at Night

While not the catchiest name of the series, this episode served as a bridge over the precipice. No poster was made for this show as the emotions and feeling that were desired did not translate well in the visual realm, however the Image seen above created by Imaya/Kita Dawg sums up a portion of the theme.

Midnight is a fairly obvious metaphor... as is the circus aspect. The chilling ending mostly written by Geoffrey Chaucer, leaves little doubt what was about to come, both for the victim, and the perpetrators. Despite the themes, the show is a somewhat mellow affair with some room for laughter. Only the undercurrent is intense.

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Enjoy the Show...

Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Mulch Radio Episode #10: Countdown

Mulch Radio Episode #10 was entitled countdown, as it foreshadowed what was to come and set the process into motion...

Episode 10 marked a change for Mulch Radio in a number of ways... It was the 1st Mulch Radio done alongside other episodes..., 11, 12, and 13. It was the 2nd Poster done by Augustus Bainbridge of Second Life.

The "storyline" introduced in episode 10 is somewhat abstractly melded into themes from eps #11 and #12, although there is no storyline connection.

The theme of the "Countdown" signified many things that would happen in the future... all of the clues were there, were you paying attention the 1st broadcast. The reason for debuting Season 2 of Mulch Radio with the tail end of Season 1, is to allow observation of why things happened the way they happened and how long before these events were foretold.

As usual, the episode stands well on its own, with its own meta-theme, if you will. The themes of 10-12 compliment each other and explain an over arcing story that will conclude with the debut of episode #13. Episode #13 of Mulch Radio, "Mulch Goes to Hell," adds a dose of finality to the adventure that began on episode #10, "Countdown."

To See the next time Mulch Radio Episode #10: "Countdown" airs, Check here!

Enjoy the show...

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