Thursday, October 02, 2008

Welcome Back, Boys... I hope it's a Good Thing

I got an early birthday present very early this morning... Phish, back from the Dead... Hope to See You Guys in 2009... trust me, you have been missed... the void needs filling, and please, DON'T SCREW US WEST COASTERS! We need more than 1 night at each venue, badly, please remember us too!

I had no idea this was coming, and the rule always is "if you have the ticket, you will make the show" and the short time frame catches me at an akward time where I can't buy these (HEAVILY) sought after tickets.

Perhaps it wasn't meant to be for me, just like New Years 99/00, Coventry and the last Vegas run (none of which I could make). But its not like I have been deprived. I just miss the experience and can't wait to see a more mature crowd (hopefully) and a fully healed band doing what made them Phish.

Anyway, Welcome Back Boys!



ps bag it, tag it! sell it to the butcher in the store

pss i doubt this will be my last phish video post, bear with me... it has been too long since i saw them


Sans said...

I laughed when I was watching the last debate and saw the news feed flash across the bottom of the screen, "Phish reuniting!" Made me think of you and Starling, floating in a virtual swimming pool, talking about string cheese ;)

Congrats, dude

<3 Sans


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