Saturday, February 09, 2008

Mulch Radio Etiquette Volume 1

Some people wonder what the proper Etiquette is when listening to Mulch Radio...

Here is a handy reference guide to experiencing Mulch Radio the way it was meant to be be experienced!

The Five Commandments of Mulch Radio

  • Mulch Radio is Meant to be a Movie for Your Ears... For Best Results, Thou Shalt Minimize Audio or Mental Disruptions During a Broadcast of Mulch Radio
  • The use of Psychedelics, including LSD, Marijuana, Mushrooms, and/or Peyote is encouraged!
  • Thou Shalt Make Every Effort to Tune in And Enjoy Mulch Radio On-Time from Start to Finish, as it is meant to be Listened to in its Entirety.
  • Thou Shalt Not Post YouTube or similar links during the Mulch Radio Show or Otherwise Distract Listeners from the Groove.
  • The Use of Leather Pants without prior Written Permission during or before Enjoying Mulch Radio is Strictly Prohibited. The use of Leather Pants, after Mulch Radio, is unclassified at the current time and may be done without restriction.

Hint... Mulch Radio Broadcasts at many different frequencies at the same time... are you perceptive enough to receive them all?

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