Tuesday, August 23, 2005

A Doctor is Not a Doctor Unless he Strokes Your Ego

Doctor Being Investigated by Attorney General For Trying to Help Woman Live Longer

So this doctor gives this woman sound advice, and she attacks him. Her pride is more important than science and medicine? This doctor should ignore his hippocratic oath so she can continue to live her illusion?

Let's hope the intelligent people of New Hampshire don't allow this to go on too long. I hope this woman's fat ass is shown on every channel, so everyone can look at her and say "Honestly, you could stand to lose a few pounds."

I often draw a relation to the fat bloated gluttonous excess of the "American Way of Life" and why other countries hate us.

Look at it this way, if your bigger, older brother grabs all the food and eats it every night from the dinner table before you or your younger, less powerful siblings get any food, you would be mad too. The obesity is just a symptom of a greater problem here, as is our need for more war and the hatred the rest of the world feels for us.

In a nod to my theory on the fat bloated wasteful excess of the "American" way of life, This Study shows the correlation between the waistlines of red states (with Michigan and Colorado being the obvious discrepancy).

Not surprising that you gluttons in the "Bible Belt" just want to invade anyone whose way of life may cause your portions to be smaller. Way to go fat asses! Vote for another war monger and send more of your kids as cannon fodder. Go against the bible you are continuously thumping and kill.

Ever wonder why sideshows went extinct? Probably because the fat ladies didn't look all that different from the spectators.



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