Friday, August 19, 2005

The Human Body

Art, Science, or Freakshow?

Much has been made of the legal jurisdiction and the ethics of this display, but I admit I would be interested in seeing this exhibit. Our bodies are truly amazing machines, and this type of attraction strips away the grotesque and grizzly aspect of the human body and shows the elements involved in function. The only way to see this type of information prior to displays like this was in a very bloody way.

Ethically, I don't see how you could outlaw the display of human bodies. I am certain there are some that disagree. The questionable origin of the bodies seems to be the main sticking point here for serious disagreement, but other than that, what do you think about displaying the human body in such a way at a museum? Who you have a problem donating your own body to the cause?

My own mother doesn't want an open coffin, a funeral, or even a burial plot when she dies. She has told me to donate her body to science. But I wonder how she would feel if the scientists I donated her body to did this to her. I would ask her, but she gets freaked about about talk of death anyway, so I'll post it here and see what comes of it.

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