Friday, August 19, 2005

911 on the 420

Who Was He Sending this Too?

No one likes seeing a pot head busted, but even if the case was to be made that this guy was a pretty big idiot for taking the pictures in the first place, this doesn't seem likely to hold up in court.

If I was a lawyer, I think it would seem like a motion for suppression would be a no brainer. The data on the phone (in the container) was private property, and the police searched private property without the owners permission. Not only that, proving the photos were of this mans property to get the warrant seems like a pretty, erm, abstract way of invading someones home.

And what if his phone was stolen? What if the thieves were taking photos of their garden? It just doesn't seem to evidence that could be used to get a warrant.

But then again this is Florida, the mother of all logic black holes. It wouldn't really surprise me if they subpoenaed his phone records and searched everyone he called. Any lawyers out there have an opinion?



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