Thursday, September 08, 2011

Feted Inner Hangout Outage

Kita & I are fine, considering it is 102 right now at 9pm. Yes, we are victims of the power outage, and as such, the Feted Inner Hangout Forum is down at the moment without power.

We have all of our window & doors open to take advantage of the approximately 8 MPH hot wind (blow dryer ), and our utility says we may be down until "sometime tomorrow morning ", whatever that may mean.

I apologize for the outage and as soon as we get power restored, we should be up and running as usual. Honestly, it's PROBABLY not our fault.

As usual beta testers, ty for you patience. We <3 u and appreciate you support. Sorry about this.

<3 kita/Imaya & mulch


Bams said...

Stay cool.

Mulch said...

all godd now peeps, sorry for the the delay, it was out of my control. teamspeak should be up as well


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