Friday, August 12, 2011

Feted Inner Hangout Online & Beta Testing

The Feted Inner Hangout is an SMF forum system that I have developed, secured, and am now in the process of testing for use by various members of various online communities I have been a part of. The idea is that this forum will last longer than the games that inspired it and keep the communities together despite a games demise (I think WoW has about 4 years left and SL could go at anytime as far as I can tell). So for our online and offline friends, this forum is platform Independent and already tapatalk enabled.

We are in open beta so if you can, do me a favor and sign up at, make a couple posts, upload some pictures, say hello in the shoutbox, interact with some peeps in some threads, buddy up and profile comment, you know, the usual things people do on a forum. Help me find bugs and make sure we are ready to go live in the next few weeks, and by all means stick around after we go live.

There are a lot of features included in the forum and I am slowly documenting them so you know how to use them. There are usual forum subcategories, plus some not visible to guests who are not registered. We do have a private subforum for the Feted Inner Horde World of Warcraft Guild on Lightninghoof, of course, but there is gaming and Second Life related sections and a couple unique sections such as my famous "Compost Heap."

So sign up, introduce yourself in "Purgatory," and help beta test this new forum software. I am looking forward to my friends, alumni of the guild, alumni of our ventrilo server (we now have a teamspeak 3 server that rocks that you are also welcome to use anytime), and new friends joining and making this small corner of the internet entertaining.

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