Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Fade to Black

Here is your personal invitation... (almost) everybody, please come visit the in laws at Darkmere... we still love you even through this nasty bizness... make sure to say hi to the best Mulch impersonator on the innerwebs while you are there... and buy a bag of jerky, old man Luc makes it with pride... no kool aid served, pure fresh jerky!

"I think it's funny to see what hypocrites FICtional and the rest of the FIC are.

They had no qualms about outing my RL here against my will, posting RL pictures, my RL name, and RL links to other sites, although that's considered very bad form on every other SL forum -- even on Cristiano's. It can be even against the rules. But it was ok because it's me and it's always just fine to break the rules to harass me, correct?

But soon as Madame Z or whoever she is got a death threat -- which seemed to amount to just some stupid ass juvenile expression on a silly game forum, not a real serious matter -- then all the white robes were donned by Cristiano and eveyrbody else and they began to wax thinky and moralistic.

Now, all of a sudden, IPs must be tracked, logged, and perps like that idiot with the death threats and the misuse of the system have to be hunted down and turned over to the FBI."

Prokofy Neva


Anonymous said...

Prok just summed it up right there. It's ok to fuck people up if the gang don't like em.

Mulch said...

the amazing part to me is how accurate it was almost one year to the day before the final nail came down (look at the date)... including participants and specific details

simply astonishing


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