Wednesday, October 05, 2005

Matt Drudge Doesn't Get It

Mulch Maker Joins the Boycott; Mulch Styley

Yeah, I tend to read Drudge for the news as he is 1-3 days ahead of "mainstream news" even though he has his right wing slant.

I can accept that Drudge believes that we should surrender our constitutional rights to a group of neo con war monger right wing religious fanatics. It's his choice to willingly sell himself into slavery (I am sure he is compensated for his willingness to lick the balls of those in power with his odd slant given the same information he provides to the rest of us).

But I was FORCED to use a computer with Windows 95 for a few weeks and I needed my Drudge fix. Guess what! My poor Windows 95 machine was brought to its knees from spyware. All those pop ups from Drudge infects the older systems with spyware. That is a fact, if you don't believe me, get broadband, do a clean install of windows 95 (or 98 probably) and leave 1 browser window open to Drudge for a few days and then run SPYBOT and see for yourself how infested your computer is with spyware despite what this asshole claims.

And I know I am not alone. Boycott Drudge, Boycott Drudge.

You had a good thing Matt, you did, but you went and fucked it all up.

Like a good little net-head, I try to protect myself from this malicious tool of the capitalistic empire, spyware. I run SPYBOT, AD-AWARE, and SpywareBlaster (as should you all). Works like a charm, my worst nuisance is tracking cookies, which I clean weekly with the 3 preceding programs.

So I update my software for my protection suite last night, and run them all.

Drudge finally did it, as his page won't even load for me anymore! I asked a friend to see if the page would load for her, and guess what, it worked fine. Drudge has infested so many computers with spyware that somehow he has gotten his own dumb ass banned by at least one of the 3 most effective tools for combating spyware.

I was bummed, was jonesing for my news, and then I found it. I searched "spyware" and "Drudge" in google and found the boycott. Not only that, I found an RSS feed of the news, without the offending spyware. So , I simply grabbed the RSS feed and published it right here on Mulch Makers blog =)

On the left, below the Daily Show video feeds, below the news of the weird, below the ads for other blogs, below the thank you to my international visitors, below the daily almanac, below even the joke of the day (and you are the lowest joke of the day Drudge), you can find the daily Drudge headlines, 100% Spyware Free! =)

Fuck You Matt Drudge, You Ruined Whatever You Had Just Like Your Republican Allies!

Since all the politicos and right wing Nazis read your blog Drudge, I can only laugh out loud, by myself, at Rush Limbaugh and Dick(head) Cheney and Ann Coulter struggling to load their dumb-ass AOL because Drudge has infected them and those giant multinational corporations they protect are prying into their surfing habits and bogging down their puters. I couldn't think of a more fitting ending to your "blog."

At least some of us sometimes write original content Drudge, we don't just post other peoples stories in our links and and an occasional "flash." Well, anyhoo, anyone want to read Drudge's "scoops" without the Spyware can just check the right hand margin here on my site and scroll down, way down, as far down as you can go, and you can read Drudge without risking your personal computer safety.

This has been a public service message from the Mulch Maker =)

Join the protest, post the RSS feed to drudge on your own site using the feed at You can use a fine service like i did to publish Drudge's Scoops on Your Own Site and help boycott Drudge back into the stone-age (IE, pre blue dress).


Sansarya Caligari said...

err...maybe you should have TOLD ME that loading Drudge Report would install spyware on my puter!

Mulch said...

It seems my problems accessing Drudge were most likely related to This Story

That being said, because of the popups scripted to defeat pop up blockers, the spyware and tracking cookies, I will continue my boycott of Drudge and will continue to use the safe alternative on this blog.

And erm, Sansarya, didn't I teach you about Spybot and AdAware?



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