Monday, October 10, 2005

Freedom is on the March in a NEW Police State

Politicaly Convenient Removal of the 1st Amendment

Controversial Website owner Christopher Wilson was arrested for obscenity. Christopher Wilson has ruffled federal feathers by posting photos of dead Iraqis.

Since the U.S. government caused the dead Iraqis, they couldn't charge him for obscenity for that or the U.S. Government could be charged with manufacturing obscenity.

Of, course this has nothing to do with the with Wilson angering the Pentagon with the photos of the Iraqi War Dead, does it?

Well, who in their right mind wants dead charred bloody photos mixed in with their porn? I prefer hot, live chicks in my porn, and I assumed dead bodies would kill the urge for others as it would for me. And I would be right.

It seems that Mr. Wilson wanted to allow U.S. troops access to the site, but there were issues with his card processing related to credit cards issued outside of the United States, which is where the troops are. So he asked for proof of overseas service via photos for free access for the troops.

I believe his reasons were twofold.

  1. to repay the troops for their service (they didn't choose to be a part of an illegal, immoral oil war, after all it their blood being spilled over there, he is sending his very own "gift-basket" to the troops.)
  2. To preserve the 1st Amendment and Show the unsanitized images of war the government doesn't want you to see.

"Obviously, we knew the military had an interest in this,"

(Judd said that his obscenity charges have nothing to do with the Army's interest in the case, and he maintained that he was not pressured to investigate Wilson. )

"We unilaterally initiated the investigation without any support, help or encouragement from the federal government,"
Polk County Sheriff Grady Judd

Obviously, this action is not meant to punish Wilson, as the Government tried to do of the war dead returning to Dover Airforce Base; it is only part of the governments new parental role of protecting legal adults from the dangers of watching other people consensually copulate on on video.

It is so nice to have Big Brother Watching out for me.

And since Chris is sitting in jail at the moment because of 100% bullshit government harassment, a site was set up for his legal fun and to support this vicios assault on free speech by the tyranny that is the Bush administration. Visit to show your support.

EDIT: New blog on the subject at http://save***********

EDIT #2 I Censored and redirected the blogspot url link above when I realized the operator at best was too stupid to actually help and would in fact likely hurt the case, and at worst was a con man trying to make a fast buck on a legitimate issue. Since he is so quick to censor, I will post my final comment on his blog in my comments section to retain for posterity.

Please avoid donating to that scam artist above at all costs, and donate directly to Chris himself here
Thank You


Mulch said...

These comments originally posted on an Asshats blog, but I am sure he will delete them as he seems to have everything to hide. Posting it here for posterity. Please do not buy a Tshirt from that guy, or donate to him, he doesn't even know Chris Wilson and can't figure out how to get an Ebay account. Use the link provided on Chris Wilsons site to donate to CHRIS HIMSELF (link in the article on my blog)! Anyone else is most likely a scam artist.

Anywhere, here is the comments that I made (sure to be deleted)responding to the asshat censoring things from people at whim whether they agreed with him and his T shirt sales or not, for posterity's sake:

Sorry anonymous, I can't debate you because this slimy cocksucker decided that all he wants to do is sell T Shirts.

I have a feeling this guy is a fraud and will keep the money he "earns" from the T Shirts for himself

I had added a link from my blog, but since this person is too stupid to realize what deleting posts (especially from people who agree with him) is, I can hardly endorse this and will be removing the link to his site from my blog.

And good luck raising bail (oops hes out of jail) with your 7 t shirts sold pal. No contingency for funds after bail (like a legal defense fund) so I guess that means you get to pocket the proceeds.

Way to go moron, you have a lot to learn about being a leader in any sense. Anonymous even admitted it was a politically motivated arrest, which is the ENTIRE POINT of supporting Chris. Your ignorance and immaturity has destroyed your credibility before you obtained any.

So go ahead, talk your shit and make yourself look less credible. Or take my advice "Zip it up, your ignorance is showing."

And anyone who sent money or bought t shirts, realize credit card rules state that he has 24 hours to ship to you, if he doesn't, get a refund. Don't allow this shiester to piggy back his meal ticket on top of a legitimate constitutional issue.

In other words, at best this is a wanna be fool who couldn't sell ice water in hell or drum up support against random murder, at worst, he is trying to make a fast buck off some ones misfortune. Stay away!

PS Geez the guy cant even figure out how to get an Ebay account (or he has been banned from eBay for a scam or something). That should tell you a whole bunch!

clyde said...

Heheh.... classic Mulch!


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