Sunday, April 05, 2009

Sing Along with Imaya and Mulch

So... maybe you already heard..

If not... we may be in your neck of the woods and need a place to stay for a night or 3 (at most). Hot showers appreciated!

if you have lodging, please offer, if you are in a destination town, please, let's meet up... perhaps even at odd hours in sketchy places!

Imaya and I have tickets to 8 phish shows in a row this late summer tour (10 shows total AT LEAST, just THIS YEAR for us) and will be putting massive miles on the old odometer by the end of the year!

Already, I have wracked up 6,000+ miles to see Phish THIS YEAR ALONE!!!!!

Imaya has topped me at 7,000+ miles.

And that was JUST to get us both to Hampton, VA (Friday and Sunday, we did not even try to get in Saturday after we got shut out of lottery and Ticketmonster.)

And it gets weirder... the following is an internets version of our tour itinerary.

At the end, we will be homeless, jobless, and directionless (unless Phish announces Fall tour by then.)

Anyway, here is our virtual trip (hee hee hee)! We have actual paid for tickets to ALL of these shows/venues for every night available and thre more be more stops on tour than listed dependent on circumstances...

So Happy Trails to everyone! (and email me if we can crash on your couch/floor from August forward and you are in an area we will be in around/after these tour dates or after tour, somewhere in the Pacific Northwest! Also, email me if you want to donate money to us support our broke, homeless, directionless hippie asses... I'm not kidding... HELP! We will be intentionally HOMELESS past August 11th, 2009)

OK, as promised, our tour itinerary, innerwebs styley!

View Larger Map

Dates, locations FOR SURE thus far:
07/30 - Red Rocks Amphitheatre - Morrison, CO
07/31 - Red Rocks Amphitheatre - Morrison, CO
08/01 - Red Rocks Amphitheatre - Morrison, CO
08/02 - Red Rocks Amphitheatre - Morrison, CO
08/05 - Shoreline Amphitheatre - Mountain View, CA
08/07 - The Gorge - George, WA
08/08 - The Gorge - George, WA
08/11 - Toyota Park - Chicago, IL

If All Goes Well, before we are homeless, our map will look something like this:

View Larger Map

If you want to help us, we still need tickets to the following dates...

08/13 - Darien Lake Performing Arts Center - Darien Center, NY
08/14 - Meadows Music Theater - Hartford, CT
08/15 - Merriweather Post Pavilion - Columbia, MD
08/16 - Saratoga Performing Arts Center - Saratoga Springs, NY

If you plan to/want to donate 2 tickets to each show to the cause, please let me know ahead of time so I can update this post so people don't buy us multiple tickets to the same show... that would be a waste and would wrong, we only want what we can use.





IsaDaft Trollop said...

I think you 2 should crash the Tea Party for a day..I hear a special someone will be there!

Sans said...

Open invite to South Dakota (hot showers, air conditioning, a free futon to crash on) after your summer tour is over :)

<3 Sans


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