Saturday, June 17, 2006

An Open Letter to Time Warner


I use your services. Basic cable and Road runner cable (beep beep).

While recently reviewing my monthly finances, I realized that these two services are costing me about $100 a month. This seemed pretty excessive to me, especially with the frequent interuptions to your service.

Well, now, I am writing this letter on a Saturday. I was disconnected once again by one of your outages.

I called your local number, and was met by the warm friendly voice of an automated greeting prompting me to hold for help. I was transferred to another recording happily assuring me I would be connected to someone from the "customer retention" department.

Sometime later, after holding once again, I was transferred yet again, then the phone was answered by someone (a machine) informing me that the "customer retention" department was open during normal business hours monday through fridays (excluding holidays). You then asked me to provide my name phone number and address and informed me someone would assist me on the next business day (excluding holidays).

So 10 minutes of my time, to tell me to leave a messsage and that you would get back to me in two days for problems with your equipment?

I couldn't believe it. I had called for an outage two weeks ago on a saturday and a human was available. I wish you had no outages, then I wouldn't need service, but thats another rant for another time.

So I called back and found the same person assuring me I would have assistance shortly, followed by several transfers and the opportunity to leave my message on your answering machine.

That's multi billion dollar corporate effectiveness for you, huh?

So I called the toll free number listed in my phone book (since my internet didn't work, you know). It is 1-800 327-4140. It is now disconnected.

So I tried the toll free number on my bill statement. Try calling 1-800-964-2783 on a weekend to see the ridiculous maze you have to go thought to be told to leave a message.

What happened to "Customer Service" department? Are You now not providing service to your customer? What happened to technical support on services that aren't being delivered (yet are paid for). I missed your slick glossy advertising campaign where you switched from providing a service, to simply "retention."

So Time Warner, how do you think you are doing "retaining" this customer?

And why on earth would you be trusted with something as vital as a phone line when you can't be reached to provide service on your already exisiting products?

Time Warner just jumped the shark...

As annoyed as I am about the cable going out YET AGAIN (while i was working with several people in an online game at a crucial time), I am far more annoyed at Time Warners raising prices, while getting worse performasnce out of their gear, doing away with "customer service" when their gear fails, and of course, the blatent time wasting manipulation of their phone system.

Is it legal to hunt roadrunners?



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