Saturday, November 12, 2016

This Blog is Dead!

Its true. Nothing more to be seen here. It is too late to try to save it. This was the past... The good news is, there is life elsewhere! Everybody got a pen or pencil (or crayon)? good cuz here is all you need to know about the FUTURE!

Nothing more to say. You know what to do. Join up and we will carry on together!

Thursday, September 08, 2011

Feted Inner Hangout Outage

Kita & I are fine, considering it is 102 right now at 9pm. Yes, we are victims of the power outage, and as such, the Feted Inner Hangout Forum is down at the moment without power.

We have all of our window & doors open to take advantage of the approximately 8 MPH hot wind (blow dryer ), and our utility says we may be down until "sometime tomorrow morning ", whatever that may mean.

I apologize for the outage and as soon as we get power restored, we should be up and running as usual. Honestly, it's PROBABLY not our fault.

As usual beta testers, ty for you patience. We <3 u and appreciate you support. Sorry about this.

<3 kita/Imaya & mulch

Friday, August 12, 2011

Feted Inner Hangout Online & Beta Testing

The Feted Inner Hangout is an SMF forum system that I have developed, secured, and am now in the process of testing for use by various members of various online communities I have been a part of. The idea is that this forum will last longer than the games that inspired it and keep the communities together despite a games demise (I think WoW has about 4 years left and SL could go at anytime as far as I can tell). So for our online and offline friends, this forum is platform Independent and already tapatalk enabled.

We are in open beta so if you can, do me a favor and sign up at, make a couple posts, upload some pictures, say hello in the shoutbox, interact with some peeps in some threads, buddy up and profile comment, you know, the usual things people do on a forum. Help me find bugs and make sure we are ready to go live in the next few weeks, and by all means stick around after we go live.

There are a lot of features included in the forum and I am slowly documenting them so you know how to use them. There are usual forum subcategories, plus some not visible to guests who are not registered. We do have a private subforum for the Feted Inner Horde World of Warcraft Guild on Lightninghoof, of course, but there is gaming and Second Life related sections and a couple unique sections such as my famous "Compost Heap."

So sign up, introduce yourself in "Purgatory," and help beta test this new forum software. I am looking forward to my friends, alumni of the guild, alumni of our ventrilo server (we now have a teamspeak 3 server that rocks that you are also welcome to use anytime), and new friends joining and making this small corner of the internet entertaining.

Sunday, August 07, 2011

Phish 8/8/11 Hollywood Bowl

We will be at the Phish show at Hollywood Bowl tomorrow (8/8/11). You can watch some live video I will be streaming on my channel, mulchvideo.

I prolly wont do much if any actual live concert footage out of respect for the band, but I will most likely wander the parking lots, shakedown street, and the rest of the pre show (and perhaps post show) crowd activities.

If you are into Phish, and want to acquire their media, I STRONGLY suggest padelimike for high quality audience tapes or live phish for high quality soundboards. padelimike is free, livephish costs some scratch, both have their advantages to listening, but neither will disappoint.

If you are into Mulch, his experiences and perspective on the world, and viewing those experiences LIVE with him, then become involved in mulchvideo today, starting right now with the Phish experience via Mulch.

Make sure to stay tuned throughout the day to mulchvideo at for the unique perspective of live audio and video throughout the day and night, unscheduled, unplanned, and live as it happens. If you are subscribed to me via ustream, awesome, go there to watch (if you are subscribed to me via youtube, cool, although the resolution wont be as good as live and ustream errors end up with youtube videos being lost forever).

If not, check it out

right over here

and enjoy.

The ustream chat function should be enabled, so chat to me and i will speak back to you when appropriate. And I would consider it an honor if you will register and help me beta test the software by interacting. It is in closed beta (if you read this message, you have an invite), so not everything is functional and not everything functional is documented. That will be remedied within 2 weeks to 1 month, but in the meantime, I would consider it a great favor to help me test this software by posting, responding to posts, uploading photo galleries, using the chatbox, writing articles, and trying everything out to make sure its working properly, and if not, i know about it.

Anyway, enjoy this live audio and video streaming content from Phish at the Hollywood Bowl, California on 8/8/11 courtesy of,, Phish, it's "Phans," Mulch and you

and help me out by signing up for the forum and helping me test the software. Thanks



Friday, July 22, 2011

Watch the Video

So much to ponder...

life... as pretty much everyone you see is assuredly dead

death, as this was taken mere days before the San Fransisco Earthquake of 1906.

the "system" in 1906, and what it meant to move about it

look at the automobiles vs pedestrian vs equestrian vs streetcar aspect of driving... not many of us have lived to see the scenes of such stream of consciousness reality

and yet, here is the video, a day in the life of San Fransisco, pre 1906

Watch the Video

Thursday, July 21, 2011

Tinkering with Our Nook Color

I got a new class 10 micro SD card today. Using it to Dual Boot our rooted nook color into Phiremod and Honeycomb. With the Rooted Nook OS, I have 3 separate Android OSes on it.

I Ran Quadrant for benchmarking tests. Stock Nook Color (rooted) had a score of 1200+. The Phiremod overclocked @ 1100Mhz I was able to get over 2400. This thing is truly amazing.

Whats even more amazing is that I was able to get Netflix working on it (thanks to Kita and the below video).

Monday, June 27, 2011

Mulch Radio!

Mulch Radio Returns to the Airwaves with Season 2.5 of the unique broadcast that weaves together complex narratives via all genres of Pop Music. From the early 1900's through the early 2000's, if people were listening to it, it can appear on Mulch Radio. You never know what you are going to hear, but be ready to be surprised and delighted while you boogie down hard with Mulch.

ALL Times California Time (PST)

Mulch Radio Episode #8 Retro "Mulch Gets an Anal Probe" COMING SOON 2011

once in awhile you get shown the light, in the strangest of places if you look at it right"

Mulch Radio Episode #16 "Blingtard" DEBUT TBA
Mulch Radio Episode #16 "Blingtard" ENCORE PRESENTATION TBA
Mulch Radio Episode #17 "Rain" DEBUT TBA
Mulch Radio Episode #17 "Rain" ENCORE PRESENTATION TBA
Mulch Radio Episode #18 "E=TC²" DEBUT TBA
Mulch Radio Episode #18 "E=TC²" ENCORE PRESENTATION TBA
Mulch Radio Episode #19 "untitled" DEBUT TBA
Mulch Radio Episode #19 "untitled" ENCORE PRESENTATION TBA

If you are new to Mulch Radio, on past broadcast platforms, it was a critical and listener success, debuting with a "Second Life" party that many SL old timers attended, placing at the top of shows in rotation on that platform with the initial airing of the show as well as the rebroadcast of the same episode. Concluding with a season cliffhanger and somber funeral for Mulch in Second Life, Season 1 left questions that were answered in Episode #13, "Mulch Goes to Hell."

You can always click on the link on the right on this page to open Mulch Radio! If you try the link and it doesn't work or the page doesn't display, we are not broadcasting at that moment. Please check the schedule and try again

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